About Us

One ramification of the coronavirus was the shutdown of public events. Unable to cosplay, I started “The Cosplayers Traveling Roadshow!”

The Roadshow gives Cosplayers the opportunity to dress up and show off their creations, all while bringing smiles to the young and old alike. A 4 ft x 8 ft trailer decorated with banners will stroll through areas of Western New York’s residential suburbs transporting Superheroes, Villans, & Cosplayers. Superhero inspired music will be broadcasted while the driver of the vehicle, the Ring Master or The Mad Hatter, will operate a megaphone to engage and advertise on a periodic basis. Cosplayers will also engage and connect with people as much as possible, while still complying with social distancing rules and guidelines for the safety of the Cosplayers and viewers.

Did You Know?

The typo of VILLANS above is actually correct?

T.H.U.G. #2 printed up the Banner incorrectly.


What is a T.H.U.G.?

The Inspiration Behind the Ring Master or The Mad Hatter